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2 ACNT-AAF6 Almost invincible
3 WB4T-AABE Start with 3x normal energy
4 DB4T-AABE Start with 1/2x normal energy
5 NCHT-GAG4 Getting magic life shard increases life meter to maximum
6 ACHT-GAG4 Getting magic life shard does not increase life meter
7 AM2T-CA94 Faarg and Chaaz are nearly invincible
8 AM0A-CA62 Infinite bullets for Faarg and flames for Chazz
9 AM0A-CA6W Infinite rockets for Faarg and fireballs for Chazz
10 ALWT-GA76 Infinite continues
11 BJMA-CACT Start with 10 continues
12 BCRT-AA68 Infinite basic spells
13 CV6A-AAFJ Start with 20 basic spells
14 DCWA-AA9E Infinite lightning spells
15 CV6A-AAEE Start with 20 lightning spells
16 DCWT-AA44 Infinite super spells
17 CV6A-AAE6 Start with 20 super spells
18 DCYT-AA2R Infinite angle spells
19 CV6A-AAFA Start with 20 angle spells
20 DCVA-AA8J Infinite time bomb spells
21 CV6A-AAEJ Start with 20 time bomb spells
22 AGZT-AAGE Always get hurt from bombs' explosions
23 AWZT-AAGE Time bombs go off after about 1 second
24 GCZT-AAGE Time bombs go off after about 10 seconds
25 DCZA-AA8G Infinite mondo major spells
26 CV6A-AAD6 Start with 20 mondo major spells
27 DCVT-AA7T Infinite hold spells
28 CV6A-AAD2 Start with 20 hold spells
29 DCXT-AA7R Infinite wide spells
30 CV6A-AAFE Start with 20 wide spells
31 CV6A-AAE2 Start with 20 death spells
32 NP6A-AAEN Start with 99 heal spells
33 CV6A-AAEN Start with 20 heal spells
34 DCVT-AA2G Infinite levitate spells
35 CV6A-AAEA Start with 20 levitate spells
36 BCVT-AADJ Levitation lasts about 2 seconds
37 ECVT-AADJ Levitation lasts about 8 seconds
38 6CVT-AADJ Levitation lasts about 60 seconds
39 BCRT-AA26 Infinite teleport spells
40 CV6A-AAEY Start with 20 teleport spells
41 ALRT-AA3W Infinite invulnerable spells
42 CV6A-AAFT Start with 20 invulnerable spells
43 T4RT-AACA Invulnerability lasts about 4 seconds
44 BCRT-AA82 Invulnerability lasts until level is completed

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