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Super Street Fighter 2

2 AKKA-CA2L Don't take damage except from throws or grabs--both players
3 RFJT-C60L 1st normal hit wins--except throws or grabs
4 RHEA-C6ZN Dizziness doesn't last
5 CMNT-DTWC No charging required for some special moves
6 AC5A-CAB2 Some special moves can be done in the air
7 FTGA-AAFN Both players start with 1/4 health
8 MAGA-AAFN Both players start with 1/2 health
9 TTGA-AAFN Both players start with 3/4 health
10 RFHT-C614 + GBHT-DE92 Every hit sets opponent on fire
11 RFHT-C614 + DBHT-DE92 Every hit sets opponent on fire and knocks him down
12 RFHT-C614 + DKHT-DE92 Every hit zaps opponent and knocks him down
13 RFHT-C614 + DVHT-DE92 Every hit knocks opponent down
14 RFHT-C614 + BKHT-DE92 Every hit is a "hard hit"--opponent almost
never gets knocked down
15 HXKT-DAMA + NDKT-CCDC Players jump faster
16 HXKT-DAMA + 6DKT-CADC Players jump slower
17 CCTA-AAEC Allows up to 7 turbo stars on Start Game screen
18 PVST-D930 Jab projectiles go much slower for Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Guile, and Dee Jay
19 PVYA-D920 Jab projectiles go much slower for Chun-li
20 PVWT-D926 Jab projectiles go much slower for Sagat
21 GVST-DZ34 Fierce projectiles go much faster for Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Guile, and Dee Jay
22 GVYA-DZ24 Fierce projectiles go much faster for Chun-li
23 6KWT-DS3A Fierce projectiles go much faster for Sagat
24 AF4A-G9AE Ryu's jab dragon punch (very near) does more damage
25 AF5T-G9GE Ken's roundhouse hurricane kick does much more damage
26 AF6A-G9FJ Ken's fierce fireball does more damage
27 AK8T-G9D8 E. Honda's fierce sumo torpedo does more damage
28 B8AT-G9FE Blanka's fierce forward ball does more damage
29 AGDT-G9D8 Guile's fierce sonic boom does more damage
30 D4GT-G9HA Chun-li's fireball does more damage
31 AGMA-G9AJ Dhalsim's fierce yoga fire does more damage
32 AGST-G9BJ Sagat's fierce high tiger does more damage
33 AL9T-G9CE Fei Long's roundhouse dragon kick does more damage
34 D5DA-G9C4 Dee Jay's fierce Max Out does more damage
35 AG1T-G9DE Cammy's roundhouse cannon drill does more damage
36 AGNA-G9D4 M. Bison's fierce psycho crusher does more damage

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