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Lethal Enforcers 2: Gun Fighters

If you're using an emulator, the instructions will vary
depending on which emulator you're using. Basically,
what you want to do is activate the codes as soon as you
see the "SEGA" screen. If you turn on the codes before
the game starts to load, or if you reset the game with
the codes on, you will get a red screen and the game
won't run. If you get a red screen, turn the codes OFF
and reset the emulator, then wait until you see the SEGA
screen and turn the codes ON.

The following codes have only been tested on a 1 player

EZ1A-CAG8 - Start a new game with 25 credits (instead of only 10).
LB1A-CAG8 - Start a new game with 50 credits (instead of only 10).
AJLT-AA7C - Infinite credits!
CB1T-CABC - Start a new game with more life (only works on the first
LB1T-CABC - Start a new game with much more life (only works on the
first credit).
XF1T-CABC - Start a new game with MEGA life (only works on the
first credit). With this code on, you'll have to be
shot 99 times before you die! (normally, you die after
only 5 shots).

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