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Boy and His Blob

AAULNGIA 1 life only
ZAULNGIE Double lives
GXXEOPVG - Infinite lives
AAVKIPPA - Infinite Jellybeans
SXEEZAAX - Fast play
For the next code, in the underwater section, if you lose a life you
may not be able to call your Blob, and therefore become trapped.
If this happens, just reset and start again.
AVOGAEOZ - Invincible
AVOPVGEI - Never take damage from enemies
APEUUIAA - Gives 10 Orange Jellybeans
AONUSGAA - 10 Lime Jellybeans
OONLOGZN - 99 Licorice Jellybeans
AUNLUGIP - Double Strawberry Jellybeans
TUNLNKAP - Double Cola Jellybeans
AKNUOGGX - Double Cinnamon Jellybeans
GXNUUGZP - Double Apple Jellybeans
AVNUNGAL - Double Vanilla Jellybeans
ZPELNITA - Double Ketchup Jellybeans
AONLSGTE - Triple Coconut Jellybeans
APELUITE - Triple Rootbeer Jellybeans
APEUSIAA - 10 Vitamin A for Vita-Blaster
APEUNIAA - 10 Vitamin B for Vita-Blaster
APOLOIAA - 10 Vitamin C for Vita-Blaster
SZXLXKSU + YYXLUGEY - Gives 101 of all starting Jellybeans

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